Volatiles Lighting: Where Smart Lighting and Traditional Mosaics Meet

Volatiles Lighting: Traditional Mosaic Tiles Illuminated with Smart Technology of Today

Volatiles Lighting, a Berlin based technology company, develops and manufactures smart surface lighting that is unique in function and design. The company emerged as a spin-off from an  academic research project at the well-known Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Freie Universität Berlin. The result: ultra-thin Mosaic Tile Modules with smart integrated controls for illumination of walls, floors, ceilings and many more!

Glass Mosaic Tiles Meet Modern LED Lighting Technology

Glass mosaic tiles have been used as a decoration for premeses for many centuries. Now, they are equipped with modern LED technology as well as sensor and radio technology. These technologies are compactly integrated into the  ultra-thin modules, without the need for any external controls. With a smartphone app, cusers can download different light scenes and stream them on their smart volatiles.

Picture of Volatiles - Tiles and LED technology merged by Lighting-Inspiration.com

Volatiles – the next generation smart tile lighting in various set-ups.

Volatiles Lighting: A Brand New Lighting Experience

The vision of Volatiles is to push the concept of smart lighting and to make lighting a totally new experience for their customers. Fascinated by the combination of modern technology and traditional materials like glass tiles, they set the highest standards in quality and technological perfection. The tiles are both engineered and made in Germany.

Since 2017, Volatiles has a strategic partnership with LEDVANCE, the international lighting company that evolved from the divestment of OSRAM Licht in 2016, for developing and producing the illuminated mosaic tiles.

Volatiles – Story of the Brand

The name volatiles is a combination of vola (made-up word based on the meaning of flying, moving quickly or floating) and tiles. You can read the full brand story at the company website.

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