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Trends in Lighting 2019: Exploring Light and Lighting Design

Trends in Lighting 2019 (TIL Forum +Show), the key event for Architects, Lighting Designers, planners and investors will be held in Bregenz, Austria, for its 3rd successive year. With the spotlight on, but not limited to architecture and luminaires, TiL 2019 encompasses multiple factors of design, the latest applications of research and development, the digital ecosystem and the seismic shift it has brought, natural light and human wellbeing.

Trends in Lighting 2019: Spotting Opportunities with Light

The organizers want the attendees to use their experience of TiL 2019 to fuel their ability to spot the opportunities with light, broaden their horizons and widen their imaginations. Now in its third year the outstanding event program is dedicated to bridging the gap between architecture, application, design and technologies.

Chosen Lighting Specialists share Visions, Designs and Insights

Joining over 1700 delegates and 100 exhibitors in Bregenz this year will be experts from lighting design, architecture, planning, investment and research. The varied and exciting speakers will be sharing their knowledge on key trends in lighting, including Smart Lighting, New Lighting Design Approaches & Applications, Connectivity & IoT, Human Centric Lighting and many more. These chosen specialists will be inspiring attendees with their future visions, creative designs, trend insights, and research findings in over 60 carefully selected lectures.

New Ideas and Perspectives by Expert Speakers

Double The Expertise: This year there will be two stellar Keynote speakers. Keith Bradshaw of Speirs + Major, will share his vision in his talk, “New Perspectives in Lighting Design”. Marc Ridler of BDP will explore how we deliver a new space to our ultimate clients in his session, “Lighting an Idea”.

Delegates will also hear from Ruairi O’Brien on “Dynamic Light and Urban Spatial Artworks”, a panel led by representatives of the exceptional global Women in Lighting with “The Digital Era: A Step Back a Step Forward”, architect Sergei Tchoban on “Light as Essential Part of the Concept”, “Slow Light – From Theory Into Practice and From Art Into Function” from Siegrun Appelt and also Marijke Gordijn PhD discusses “From Nobel Prize to Daily Practice – Offices, Home and Therapy”.

Working It Out: Delegates can get hands-on in several in-depth and varied workshops held throughout the event. This year TiL welcomes multiple industry experts including: Visual Perception Workshop from Bartenbach, Light Sources for Human Centric Lighting Workshop from Nichia, Evolution of Lighting Design Processes from Zumtobel, and also Next Generation Light Guides and OLED from EPIC.

Celebrating the complete Spectrum of Light

After the successful launch of the awards the TiL Awards are returning this year, bigger and more exciting than ever. The three Awards are given to the Best Lighting Application, the Best Connected Lighting Solution and for the Best Non-Architectural LED Lighting.

TiL 2019 is supported by BMVIT, Regent Lighting, Silvair, Trilux and the Zumtobel Group. It is co-located with the 9th LED professional Symposium +Expo and the 1st DALI Summit 2019 from the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA).

For more information: www.TiL2019.com

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