Tack: The One True Light for City Living

Tack: A multifunctional Lighting System Designed for Simplicity, Adaptability and Modernity

‘Tack’ is created on the belief that the everyday tools that we use deserve to be meticulously designed to enable people to achieve their best. With a key focus on user experience, it is the designers’  believe that great tools are frictionless and help you get things done.

The Birth of Tack

Tack is born out of the frustration with existing lighting solutions that are available on the market.  Matthew Lim, the Designer himself and founder of TackLighting recently moved into a new apartment and he realized that he was missing a functional task light. After multiple failed attempts at finding what he needed, he went to the shop and made his first prototype. The result was very encouraging, and Matthew got very positive feedback on that first version. At the same time, Matt discovered that Tack could address issues that modern urbanites face. The project became more than just a task light and quickly evolved into the ‘Tack Lighting System’.

Lighting-Inspiration.com_Tack Lighting System_Installation

System Set-Up & Installation: Up and Running in Minutes!

Made for Frequent Movers

Modern urbanites frequently move from one home to another. Tack is about the size of a water bottle and can easily be packed into a luggage or even a backpack. Wherever your ambitions take you next, the product comes along and maintains continuity in the spaces you inhabit.

Lighting-Inspiration.com_Tack Lighting System_Frequent Movers

Tack: Made for Frequent Movers

Tack: One Light, Multiple Functions

With the magnetic mounting strip, the product can be positioned on the wall in different ways to create spaces for work, play or something else altogether. It can also live off the wall. Its possibilities are limited only by the users’ creativity.

Lighting-Inspiration.com_Tack Lighting System_Multi Purpose Use

The Multi-Purpose Lighting System

Tack is a sustainable do-it-all lamp for fast-moving city dwellers living in small apartments. Transform your space with this mobile light!

Kickstarting the first Production Run

Matthew is currently running a Kickstarter Campaign to enable Tack’s first production run (limited to only 2,000 pieces). This is to ensure that every Tack that is shipped meets the highest standards and reaches all the backers on time. If you like the idea as much as we do, please refer to: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/matthewlim/tack-lighting-system to support him!

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