Soraa Snap System: Redefining Lighting Accessory Application


Accessories are an important tool in a lighting designers’ product palette. They allow him to fine-tune the foreseen lighting scenes by creating dedicated light distribution and coloring. They also bring enhanced flexibility by helping the designer optimizing a designed lighting plan after its implementation on site, with any lamp beam spread. Accessories such as hex-louvers and diffusors (glare reduction), grates (linear light patterns) and gels (tinted effects) are typical accessories that are used for this purpose.

Heat Limits Conventional Lighting Applications

Due to their high operating temperature, halogen based lamps require accessories that are made of heavy materials, such as glass or metal, and bulky mechanisms to held the attachments. This limits the choice for the right lighting fixture and the aesthetics. Even standard LED sources are not an immediate solution: many directional LED lamps are incompatible with accessories because they use multiple LED sources, they do not have standard dimensions.


The Redefinition of Lighting Accessory Application

Soraa is leading the “redefinition of lighting accessory application”. They recently introduced its “Soraa Snap System”: the first accessory that is optimized to work as an integrated system, LED technology based. The effects that can be achieved are similar to what can be done with traditional halogen sources, but are enabled by a relatively low operating temperature and groundbreaking optical design, materials choice, and unique methods of attachment. The system’s self-centering magnetic interconnect system makes using accessories completely user friendly, and opens up possibilities for accessories to a much wider range of fixtures than ever before. The relatively low temperature of the Soraa MR16 Snap System lamps mean that new accessory materials (e.g. films) can be applied for beam shaping and color control in ways that were shown never before.

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