Appealing Visual showing Six disruptive lighting trends for the next decade

Six Disruptive Lighting Trends for the Next Decade

James McHale and the team at Memoori recently hosted a great webinar with Brad Koerner, one of the thought and trend leaders in the Lighting Industry, discussing the next Disruptive Lighting Trends for the time to come. In case you missed it live, here’s a small post at your convenience. 

Experiential Design for the Build Environment

The 6 trends as discussed are really focused on ‘experiential design’, not just “lighting” as most lighting industry professionals view the segment.

Experiential design in architecture incorporates aspects from several different disciplines, but at the most basic level, it’s about creating an incredible customer experience.

Experiential design is an incredibly broad term that encompasses several disciplines, but it is essentially the art and science of shaping the customer experience. Whenever someone interacts with your product or service, he or she forms an impression. Good experiential design influences this impression. Choosing the right lighting technologies and user controls is incredibly important, as they not just contribute to it or complement it, but help generate the correct mood and eases the experience for those involved.

Disruptive Lighting Trends

Hence, everything is covered from LED displays to interactivity to foundational project management issues holding back innovation in the built environments.

Chart showing six Disruptive Lighting Trends for the Next Decade

Are you involved in designing branded experiences? Then, YES, this is the webinar you want to listen to! Prerecorded for your convenience, a short & snappy ~25 minutes followed by a Q&A.

You can listen to the interview by following this link.

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