Strategies in Light Europe 2014 Review


Two workshops started the first show day’s proceedings.  The first workshop, LED Performance Marks – Are they on the Right Track?, had an open discussion on the impact of LED performance marks such as DEKKRA and ENEC as well as others available to the lighting industry, and how useful they will be for the market. The second workshop, Smart Lighting, explored how the rapid evolution of lighting design concepts enabled by LED technology, coupled with ubiquitous networking of all things and long lifetimes of properly designed SSL systems, will gradually change the fundamental structure of future lighting markets.

SIL 2015 Investor Forum

Also on October 21, the SSL Investor Forum was held for the fourth year.  Sponsored by investment bank Canaccord Genuity, the Forum addressed some of the principal questions being asked by investors. The Forum discussed issues such as the pace of adoption of LEDs in lighting, the longer-term growth potential of the market, profitability analysis, and opportunities to invest in different levels of the lighting value chain. Speakers from publicly-quoted companies as well as private European and global firms that have successfully brought LED lighting products to European and international markets shared their expertise and insight.

Market and Technology Tracks

Parallel market and technology tracks took place on Wednesday and Thursday that addressed two key elements in the future growth of SSL. Market and application-related presentations ranged from case studies of high-end LED lighting projects, via smart lighting implementation to the concept of lighting as a service. On the technology side, presentations will range from recent developments in LED component technology to advanced manufacturing issues.

Strategies in Light Europe 2015

Strategies in Light Europe 2015 will be held in London ExCel, UK, and partner for its first time in history with LuxLive 2015.