SCHOTT LuminaLine – A Luminous Soul for Interior Design and Architecture

SCHOTT LuminaLine – Ambient Lighting Concept with a great Aesthetic and Application Variety

Innovative lighting concepts are more in demand than ever. Whether it concerns ambient lighting for cars, aviation cabins, modern day designer lighting or signal lights for streets- or household appliances, there are virtually no limits to application. The recently launched ‘SCHOTT LuminaLine’ includes a concept that inspired interior designers and lighting engineers with its aesthetic and application variety.

SCHOTT LuminaLine: More than Purely Practical Use

Nowadays, lighting systems used be made of durable materials and should integrate perfectly in the smallest spaces. That’s the easiest way to individualize applications and, concerning business to business applications, the ultimate way to contribute to a better recognition of brands. Decades of experience with systems for automotive lighting, aviation lighting, medical lighting and a broad range of industrial lighting applications enabled SCHOTT to come up with a perfectly timed – though timeless – lighting concept: LuminaLine.

Image of some SCHOTT LuminaLine Applications

SCHOTT LuminaLine – Whether it concerns ambient lighting in automotive, contour lighting in modern industrial design or signal lights for household appliances, there are nearly no limits to creativity.

SCHOTT LuminaLine – An Aesthetic Lighting Concept

LuminaLine is an aesthetic lighting concept that stands out thanks to its great versatility in application and aesthetics. SCHOTT LuminaLine offers high luminosity in all colors, making it perfect for giving a wide variety of products and applications the finishing touches.

The interior of the glass composite includes light guides –  a fiberglass known as the soul – which shines with a homogeneous, powerful light. The clad surrounding the soul is thermally toughened, making it extremely strong and resistant to chemical substances as well as heat and moisture. Embedded lighting in its purest essence.

Picture including a composition of the SCHOTT LuminaLine

SCHOTT LuminaLine – A composition on a component level

These properties also provide accent lighting for previously unused spots in household appliances or in cars, for instance as functional lighting for ovens or to highlight exterior vehicle contours.

Appreciations of Innovation

Early 2018, no less than three products from SCHOTT were nominated by the German Design Council for the German Innovation Award. Two of the products – PURAVIS and HelioJet – have already been available on the market for some time. The newly launched SCHOTT LuminaLine product concept, entering the market about only three months ago, has already convinced the German Design Council in its Materials category. All three products come from SCHOTT’s Business Unit Lighting & Imaging.

At, we greatly welcome this unconventional lighting company to the scene, and look with interest forward to see how the LuminaLine finds its way in the architectural lighting market!, pub-1509224267627414, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0