Soraa Optical Light Engines

Soraa Optical Light Engines: Power to Design

Trade-offs are a thing of the past. With Soraa Optical Light Engines it is no longer needed to choose. Soraa Optical Light Engines deliver punch and color consistency, low power and good color rendering, beautiful small design and narrow spots with high center beam intensity.

Soraa Optical Light Engines are available with integrated heat-sink or without, offering complete design flexibility. Using standard directional form factors of 30/8th of inch (95mm), 16/8th of an inch (50mm) and 11/8th of an inch (37mm) integration has never been easier.

Simply Perfect Light in a Novel Package

Soraa has developed an optical system that is optimized around its breakthrough GaN-on-GaN™ LED technology. The result is directional light with near perfect light distribution. Perfectly uniform in color, with smooth artifact free transitions. Delivering intensity that is normally associated with a substantially larger diameter source. Beam angles range from narrow spot to flood and can be combined with Soraa SNAP System accessories to change light distribution and light color on site.

Soraa Optical Light Engines are all based on Soraa VP₃ NATURAL WHITE™ and VP₃ VIVID COLOR™ technology and provide light that covers the full visible spectrum. With a CRI of 95, an R9 of 95 and natural white rendering, colors and whites look rich and natural. Offered in CCTs from 2,700K to 5,000K the right ambiance can be found for any space, without ever compromising the natural and rich appearance of people and objects.

Ultra Thin Design

Imagine what new possibilities a 9 degree narrow spot would offer the lighting designer, delivering a performance of 29,000Cd with a height of only 25mm, or packing 8,800Cd in a 50mm diameter that is as thin as 17mm. Now it’s possible. Soraa has optimized GaN-on-GaN™ LED technology to pack more light into a tiny LED, without sacrificing efficiency or light quality. Offered without heat-sink and combined with Soraa Point Source Optics™ the result is an unbelievably thin optical solution. Intended for when the shell of the fixture can be the heat-sink and enabling fixture designers with novel beautiful designs.

Fixture Integration Made Simple

Soraa Optical Light Engines have temperature sensing on board for simple and fast full thermal system evaluation. The mechanical outline is designed to make work with readily available fixture solutions making LED fixture design easier than ever before. An application guide is provided to help optimize the solution based on a simple set of clearly presented data and instructions.

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