Philips Luminous Carpets

Philips/Desso Luminous Carpets: A Unique New Way to make Floor Designs truly Persuasive

Philips’ Light Transmissive LED Carpets hide informative LEDs right under your feet

Philips partnered with Desso, a high-end European flooring manufacturer, to design the carpets. Each tile is specially designed to be “light transmissive” – when the LEDs are on, they shine right through. When they’re off, they completely dissapear.

Luminous Carpets: Directional and Informative

This unique innovation takes advantage of people’s tendency to be guided by the floor when moving through a space. It can be used to provide directional information, the latest business news, or the quickest way to the safety exits. It can also display videos, infographics and logos. Or it can be used to celebrate an occasion, highlight an important guest, or simply inform visitors of the current waiting time. Creativity and imagination are the only limitations to its application.


Easy and Versatile Installations

There are three different installation possibilities, depending on floor type. They are easy to install on the raised access floors commonly found in offices, and can be recessed or routed into concrete floors. Small areas can be installed using an underlay that keeps the tiles flush with non-lit floor areas.


Lighting-Inspiration.com_Luminous Carpets_Installation Options

Creating the Message: Interfacting with Building Management Systems

The Philips and Desso Luminous Carpets™ solution is designed to interface with most building management systems (either across Art-Net or KiNet). This makes controlling the system very straightforward. The messages can run pre-programmed, or can be changed instantly with a variety of mobile and networked devices.

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