Paviom – LoFoot

Lofoot: a spectacular range of low carbon footprint, energy efficient, outdoor architectural luminaires comprising in-ground, projectors, bollards, light columns and post-top versions

Paviom LoFoot – by Jason Thawley

The intention of Jason Thawley, product designer of the LoFoot range, was to design products that prove to be reliable and work under all conditions and most importantly, last, a key tenet of sustainability.

Thawley discusses the process of designing the Lofoot range of energy efficient luminaires:

Low carbon footprint with ‘green’ credentials

Occasionally, the opportunity arose  to put away traditional thought processes, to throw out preconceived ideas and start from scratch. Paviom presented such an opportunity and Lofoot is the result. The design brief was precise, the objectives demanding, the challenge irresistible.

Thawley: “The range was to be a family of low carbon footprint, energy-efficient, outdoor architectural luminaires. The products had to be high specification yet cost-effective to manufacture, with a strong emphasis on ‘green’ credentials”.

Inspired by Hawker Hunter Navigation Lights

The inspiration for Lofoot can be attributed to Thawleys chance discovery, in an ex MOD scrap yard, of some Hawker Hunter jet plane navigation lights. These lights had been designed without compromise, to travel through the sound barrier, be subject to extremely fast changes in pressure and temperature yet work faultlessly. The design was simple, well thought through, extremely well engineered and manufactured. That was something he hoped to have instilled into the Lofoot design.

More information about the LoFoot concept is available at the Paviom website., pub-1509224267627414, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0