OREE LightCell Ivory White

OREE LightCell Ivory White: An Ultra Thin LED Module

The Oree LightCell Ivory White is an ultra-thin planar LED device providing a ready to use light source for planar design.

Oree Planar Lighting Pendant Fixture Wave

The Oree LightCell Ivory White specifications in a nutshell:

* Solo – 70mm x 70mm / 315lm
* Duo – 70 mm x 140 mm / 630 lm
* Quad – 70 mm x 280 mm / 1260 lm
* CCT: 3000K
* CRI + 90
* Dimmable

Oree Planar Lighting – helf Application

For more information and availability of the product, please visit the Oree company website.

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