LG Flexible OLED

LG Flexible OLED Light Sheets

At Euroluce 2015, LG Chem unveiled new flexible OLED panels that are now capable of bending even further than existing panels and might finally pave the way for flexible screens to be included in smartphones and tablets as well as providing a wealth of new lighting applications in the process.


Planar LED Lighting on the Rise!

The new LG OLED flexible light sheets are created entirely from plastic with no glass to break offering safety while they are being flexed. Moving away from rigid flat panels, planar lighting gets a new dimension. The flexible light panels still offer the same brightness, energy efficiency and colour reproduction that you would expect with a decorative elegant OLED luminaire of today. Earlier, LG announced the start of manufacturing of the 320 x 320 mm OLED light panel, the world’s largest available in the market.


“LG Chem’s Flexible OLED Panels will mark yet another significant breakthrough and enable new OLED Applications”


OLED Light Sheets

LG Chem has completed the development of this truly flexible plastic-based OLED light panel and engineering samples are now available. LG Chem’s current bendable OLED panels (F6BA40, F6BA30) are thin-glass based that provides a limited bending radius of 75mm. The new flexible OLED panel has vastly increased the bending radius flexibility to 30mm because of the adoption of a plastic substrate for the panel, which also eliminates the danger of the panel shattering when excessive force is applied. The specifications of the LG Chem’s new plastic-based OLED light panel are 60lm/W efficiency, 75lm brightness, 3,000K in color temperature, and CRI over 85.

LG Flexible OLED Lighting Panels

LG Flexible OLED Lighting Panels

Availability Flexible LED Light Sheets

Engineering samples are available at $250USD per panel. The mass production of the flexible panel is scheduled to begin in July 2015. For more information on the new LG Flexible OLED panels jump over to the OLED website for details via the button below. Alternatively, you can visit the special LG Chem OLED Microsite, Facebook LG OLED Light page or just pay a virtual visit to the LG CHEM OLED Showroom:



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