iGuzzini Trick Washer

I-Guzinni Trick Washer - Wall Mounted version

I-Guzinni Trick Washer – Wall Mounted version

iGuzzini Trick – A small, but Powerful Washer.

The iGuzzini Trick Washer effect is a small, yet extremely powerful luminaire that can satisfy all and any lighting requirement without its physical presence impacting on the facade. The device is available in two sizes, 90 and 110 millimetres, and two power ratings, 2.1W and 2.9W with a driver that is either remote or built into the base. Ideal for highlighting the details of historic buildings with complex mouldings.


I-Guzinni Trick Washer_Wall Wash Application

I-Guzinni Trick Washer_Wall Wash Application


iGuzzini Trick Washer Product Specs:

▪ Luminaire for use with LEDs warm white color temperature.
▪ Recessed (ø 45 mm) and wall-mounted (ø 90 – ø 160 mm) versions.
▪ Wall-mounted versions have a screen and a base for support. PMMA screen, die-cast aluminium supporting base, stainless steel plate for fixing to wall, supplied with L=400 mm cable (except versions with power supply).
▪ Versions with and without built-in power supply.
▪ Recessed versions have a screen and die-cast aluminium body and stainless steel springs. Wall-washer optic.
▪ Compatible with lighting management systems.
▪ Temperature of contact <50°.
▪ Luminaire reduced dimensions.
▪ All external screws are in A2 stainless steel.


iGuzzini Trick Washer: The Result of Combining Design & Technology

Trick is the result of constant commitment to combining technology and design to meet the needs of any project or building. The iGuzzini Trick Washer is, together with the iGuzinni Trick 180, iGuzzini Trick 360 and the iGuzzini Trick Radial a fun device for people to play with light and illuminate spaces from a different perspective.

More information about the product and it’s availability on the iGuzzini Trick Washer product website.

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