iGuzinni Trick 180

iGuzzini Trick 180 and Light Blade Effect

Trick is also a surface-mounted 180° Blade Effect that comes in 90 and 110 millimetre diameter versions, with or without a built-in ballast.
Energy consumption is just 2.9 W. This means the device can be used to add rhythm to space with vertical, horizontal and sloping lines. This adds psychological comfort to environments, guides the observer, improves the quality of the environment and highlights spaces, buildings and urban trails.

iGuzzini Trick Blade 180 - Indoor Lines of Light Application

iGuzzini Trick 180 – Indoor Lines of Light Application


iGuzinni Trick 180 Product Specs:

▪ Luminaire for use with LEDs warm white color temperature.
▪ Wall-mounted version (ø 90 mm).
▪ Consists of screen and supporting base. PMMA screen, die-cast aluminium supporting base, stainless steel plate for fixing to wall, supplied with L=400 mm cable (except versions with power supply).
▪ Versions with and without built-in power supply.
▪ Available in 180° Sliver and Sliver-Sliver optics.
▪ Compatible with lighting management systems.
▪ Temperature of contact <50°.
▪ Elegant and small: Luminaire reduced dimensions.
▪ All external screws arein A2 stainless steel.


iGuzzini Trick Blade 180 used to accentuate Outdoor Building Facade

iGuzzini Trick 180 used to accentuate Outdoor Building Facade












iGuzzini Trick 180: Space is a Dancer using Elegant Patterns

Trick is the result of constant commitment to combining technology and design to meet the needs of any project or building. The iGuzinni Trick 180 is, together with the iGuzzini Trick 360, iGuzzini Trick Radial and the iGuzzini Trick Washer a fun device for people to play with light and illuminate spaces from a completely new perspective.

For a full product speficiations and availablility we kindly refer you to the official iGuzzini Trick 180 product page.

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