Eyeleds ColorEYE

ColorEYE Pro (‘Programmable’) is a dynamic LED lighting system, utilizing state of the art, programmable color changing RGB technology. ColorEYE Pro is available as a stand-alone system but can also be operated by advanced DMX control equipment.


The heart of a stand-alone operated ColorEYE Pro system is the wall mount control unit with a multi-functioning sequencer. The sequencer has eight buttons for customizing and storing light colors and brightness settings. Create countless new color combinations by mixing the primary colors Red, Green and Blue. In addition, the sequencer has two designs pre-installed: the ‘color cycle’ and ‘color sweep’. The speed of these sequences be increased or decreased as desired.

For larger installations with complex light patterns and sequences, custom programmed DMX control equipment is available on request.

Features & Benefits

✓ Professional grade, state-of-the-art, decorative RGB LED lighting system;
✓ Low profile design allows for endless creativity in a myriad of applications;
✓ Flush mounted LED units that require a flooring or surface thickness of only 7mm;
✓ High quality components: UV-resistant lens and a stainless steel housing;
✓ Water-resistant lighting system that is safe around damp and wet locations (IP67);
✓ Long lasting, energy efficient LED with a power consumption of 0.8W per unit;
✓ DMX compatible, enabling complex light patterns & sequences.


  • Natural stone
  • Hardwood & laminate
  • Carpet, carpet tiles & rugs
  • (Entrance) matting
  • Quartz carpet & vinyl flooring
  • Stair treads, stringers & risers
  • Baseboards, profiles & wainscoting
  • Countertops & cabinets

The Eyeleds ColorEYE comes also in a more “basic” version, the ColorEYE ColorStop.

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