Image of young girl touching wall-light installation by Eness in the Melbourne Hospital.

Eness Lumes Wall Panels

Reimagine Walls with the Eness Lumes Interactive Light Emitting Wall Panels

Meet the new interactive light emitting wall panel bringing light, color and stories to any space. The Eness Lumes concept integrates into interiors walls and comes in many surfaces that glow, from wood to wool, and beyond.

Lumes = Interactive

Lumes enable you to bring your walls to life with color, visuals, motion and hue control. The tailored software provides the freedom to explore generative content from interactive 3D visuals, to games, to online data feeds and smartphone control.

Lumes = Natural

With LUMES, each light becomes an adaptable interior. Each panel is self-contained and easy to integrate. The full spectrum color palette opens up the possibilities for your vision. LUMES only uses sustainable, high-quality LEDs.

Meet the Eness Lumes: The Interactive Light Emitting Wall Panel

Meet the Eness Lumes: The Interactive Light Emitting Wall Panel.

Lumes = Flexible

LUMES integrates into interiors and mounts onto walls and ceilings. The modular LED system is customizable to create a plethora of design configurations. Overall tile dimensions can be modified with larger quantities.

Start small for a room, or go big for an airport, it’s all possible with the easy to install and customizable Lumes concept!

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