Carpet Light

Carpet Light: The very first Professional Lighting System that’s Truly Flexible

Carpet Light is a novel innovation created by merging state of the art lighting technologies, textile circuit boards and a passive cooling-system for the newest LED-technology.

Customized Flexible Lamps in any Size

The inventive system offers a new way to offer customized flexible lamps in any size with any combination of LEDs, while reaching a brightness and color rendering indices (CRI96+) that was never achieved before.


Today, the lighting system comes in two standard set-ups: Carpetlight CL21 and Carpetlight CL42, and is interestingly enough also offered in tailored formats for architectural lighting applications, for both indoor and outdoor ambiances. In contrast to other smart-textile technologies, Carpetlight delivers a luminous output that is sufficient to light whole objects and rooms.

Carpet Light for Architectural Applications

You can also read our blogpost ‘Carpetlight: Fusion of Light Technology and Textiles‘ to learn how Carpet Light can contribute to even greater architectural spaces., pub-1509224267627414, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0