Image of Lithos Design marble wall textures showing nature and design in light

Pietre Incise by Lithos – Nature and Design in Light

Lithos Design put out new impressions of its stunning collection of marble wall-coverings with sophisticated details that, with the complicity of light, shows its most authentic beauty and reveals its dual essence: Pietre Incisenature and design.

Pietre Incise: Living Light and Textures

In contrast to the ‘Pietre Luminose’ collection we wrote about before, in the actual proposed series the light is not embedded in the surface itself or hidden just behind it, but the focus here is rather on the ‘light-play’ of the stunning marble surface textures, and how they interact with ambient light. Nevertheless, we believe a small post would be of great interest to our readers!

Nature and Design in Light: A Tableau Vivant

The colors and the veins of marble or the sophisticated details of the texture, the light turns the wall into a ‘tableau vivant’ that always unveils different sides, tones, and accents.

Here are some of the latest wall-coverings from the Pietre Incise range that greatly respond to the changing ambient light conditions as the hours go by…

The ‘Diamond’ (left image) recalls light refracted by a pure diamond. Sumptuous and precious, these 3D stone tiles confirm the highly decorative vocation of the collection they belong to, and they are ideal for settings with a rich and refined mood.

Tropicana‘ – the middle picture in the gallery above – is a model of stone design panel brimming with energy thanks to decorations that bring to mind the thick lush leaves of tropical rainforests. The design particularly emphasizes the ‘game of lights and shadows’, instinctively catching the eye and bewitching it.

The ‘Quadro’ selection, finally, is comprised of carved stone tiles whose character consists in surprising chiaroscuro effects. The aesthetic compositions are based on the multiplication of the square geometry what results in a fascinating and eclectic style.

Whether it be the natural light or the lighting project, the continuous game of light and shadow tailors a wall with great dynamism and lively force.

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