Philips Hue – your Personal Wireless Lighting


Philips Hue connected bulbs and bridge let you to take full control of your lighting. Create light settings based on your favourite photos or choose from expert light recipes.

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Good morning

Sleep well? Well now you can wake up well too. Use the timer option and turn hue into your morning wake up call. It certainly beats the shock of an alarm clock.  Set your lights to gradually brighten over time, waking you up in a rather more civilized fashion. Better still, why not create a scene from the image of a dawn sun and turn hue into your own personal sunrise? That’s something worth getting up for.

Re-live that Moment

Ever wished you could recreate that epic vacation memory? Or capture the vibrancy of a summer day? With hue, any photo on your smart phone becomes a palette to paint with light. Drag the picker across a photo to select a color within the image. Or use the white light scale to pick a perfect tone. Your selected wireless bulb will reflect that choice instantly. And once you’re happy with the scene, simply save it to use again.

Welcome Home

Working late? Or maybe you’re out for the night. No problem. Simply turn your wireless lights on or off remotely. That way you can make it look like you’re home, even when you’re not. Better still, you can set your lights to come on at a set time. Perfect if you’re away on holiday but you want people to think you’re still in. Or maybe just before you arrive home from work. That way you’ll never come back to a dark house again.

Light Recipe: Cook up a great recipe

When it comes to light, we know our stuff. And that includes the health and wellness benefits that light can offer. In fact, we’ve put the science into practice, with light projects in schools and hospitals. And it’s that very science we’ve squeezed into hue settings we like to call Light Recipes. Become a private ‘lighting designer‘ yourself!

Light Recipes let you change the lighting for specific needs – to relax, concentrate, energize and read. Try it out for yourself. Just select one of the options on the phone and see how hue can transform the space. And the way you feel. What’s even better is you can still tweak the settings of any Light Recipe so it’s tuned perfectly for you.

Philips Hue Inspiration

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