Out now: International Lighting Design Survey 2018

Now in its Eighth Year: International Lighting Design Survey 2018

The International Lighting Design Survey 2018 (ILDS 2018) brought to you by arc should already be very familiar to most of you, but if there are still some of you who are unaware of the concept, introductions are perhaps in order. Put simply, the ILDS is the annual snapshot of the lighting design industry, a list of independent lighting design practices (as well as lighting design divisions of engineering consultancies), major architectural lighting manufacturers and their global distributors.

ILDS 2018: Local Listings – A Global Guide

Grouped into five global regions (Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia) and sorted by country, these listings provide a valuable reference tool for those working with – and within – the architectural lighting industry. As last year, no dedicated decorative lighting companies are included in the ILDS (unless they also supply architectural lighting) as these are now included in their own directory, 3d, published by our sister publication, darc.

New in ILDS: Certified Lighting Designer Status

The actual issue of the ILDS features 5,000 lighting suppliers and almost 1,600 lighting design practices (up by almost 100 from last year) with over 700 of those featuring at least one IALD member. A new feature that was added this year is the CLD icon for lighting designers who have gained Certified Lighting Designer status. So far, 39 lighting designers have achieved the certification. Visit www.cld.global to see the full list of CLDs, and learn about how the certification can work for a architectural lighting designer.

In addition, over 100 lighting design practices are promoting themselves in this issue with Enhanced Entries, as well as over 200 suppliers. Marketing is something we shouldn’t be afraid of and this can only help with the establishment of lighting design as an essential profession within the building fraternity!

If, during your searches, you spot anything that isn’t as it should be, please get in touch with the team of darc to help optimize the next ILDS version. Your feedback helps ensure the ILDS remains an essential resource for the whole architectural lighting design industry!

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