Planar LED Lighting by Oree


Established in 2006, Oree is the pioneer of LED-based planar lighting. Oree’s innovative technology opens up a completely new category for LED illumination: Planar LED Lighting. The patented technology enables the conversion of LED “point sources” to a planar, thin and uniform illuminating surface without sacrificing efficiency, light quality or cost.

The company’s flagship product, the LightCell, address the needs of the lighting market, enabling thin and efficient illumination of planar areas. The technology enables general lighting fixture manufactures to significantly increase system efficiency and dramatically reduce the cost of LED based systems.

What is Planar Lighting ?

Lighting experts, such as a lighting designer or a lighting architect, today are looking for fixtures that are slim, energy efficient and simple to integrate with low construction costs. Planar lighting meets these needs by delivering large, flat, uniform surfaces of light, which distributes a soft wide angle spread. LED planar lighting refers to the application of LEDs to create uniform slim surfaces of light. Since LEDs are a point source, creating large surfaces of uniform light has always been cost-prohibitive, and has resulted in a significant loss of efficiency or thickness compromise. However, new advancements in LED technology, materials and processes have allowed us to produce a truly innovative LED-based planar lighting module.

Planar Lightting Design, Oree's LightCell

Planar Lightting Design, Oree’s LightCell

At the heart of planar design is the form factor. Ultra-thin modules are ideal as under cabinet lighting, but take it one step further and you can have an in-cabinet light, so thin that you can embed it into the carpentry or furniture.

There’s been done some comparisons on light quality and output with Philips OLED by, we can recommend you viewing this short movie:

Functionality must also be taken in account. Planar lighting generates an extremely wide and soft output suitable for soft flood and display lighting applications, rather than projecting the light in a narrow beam over distance. Weight must also be considered when designing with planar modules. The LightCell module weighs about 8 gr., allowing fixtures to be extremely light with minimal mounting needed.

As opposed to more commonly used point light sources, planar lighting modules illuminate a large surface which can be viewed frontally. In essence, this makes the light-emitting surface part of the fixture design, without using a diffuser and while maintaining only mm of thickness.

Oree’s company website provides more extensive information on the planar concept, you can also purchase a useful Tool Kit for evaluation and engineering purposes., pub-1509224267627414, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0