Picture of Orb by Shade - The Smart Light of the Future in Danish Design

Orb by SHADE: The Smart Light of the Future

Orb by SHADE: Intelligent Lighting meets Danish Design

SHADE recently launched the Orb: the next generation smart light that gives its users a complete control over intensity, color and temperature to shape the ambience within their homes. Orb by Shade is a smart light that can adapt to a user’s specific needs at any given moment, helping them create the perfect ambiance. Users can interact with the Orb to create soft, warm tones, they can turn it into a nightlight before bed, or even create a focused, work-like environment that can help boost productivity.

Orb by SHADE: Intelligent Light for well-being

Men’s relationship with light has always had a profound influence on our mood, productivity, stress-levels, sleep patterns, and overall sense of wellbeing, and it’s a complex dependency that’s reflected within the Orb’s design. With the Orb, the team at SHADE are using technology to provide a solution that’s accessible to everyone. Better yet, it just works, with a simple installation that includes everything the user needs to set it up. Whilst solutions have existed before, they have required the expertise of light architects to install and have ended up costing an incredible amount of money.

Photo composition of Orb by SHADE

Orb by Shade – Composition with the various illumination zones: top – bottom or full.

Directional Lighting with Focus

Through its revolutionary use of zones, the Orb offers directional lighting that can focus and accentuate different parts of a room. With a light output of 1900 lumens through the upper and lower zones, the Orb also uses five different color LEDs in its middle section to help create the user’s desired lighting effect. The Orb arrives with six pre-defined settings that, along with direction, intensity, color and temperature, can all be controlled through the SHADE app.

Danish Design at its Heart

With Danish design at its heart, the Orb fits seamlessly into any room. The SHADE team have collaborated with the award-winning Danish designer, Øivind Alexander Slaatto, to make sure that the Orb’s revolutionary aesthetics match its pioneering technology. In addition, the team have created the Slaatto S1 Silhouette, a unique lamp shade that features a rotating petals design which, when added to the Orb, complements the full effects of its quality directional lighting.

Slaato by Shade – Same Intelligence as Orb, different in design.

SHADE: From Static to Adjusted Lighting

SHADE wants to change our relationship with the simple light bulb. For too long, companies have settled for an idea that hasn’t much evolved beyond what Thomas Edison first envisaged all those years ago. They’ve been forced to make do with whatever static lighting we have, adjusting our habits to each room’s light, instead of adjusting its light to our needs. The SHADE team is working tirelessly to share our vision with the world, and they are excited to give people complete control of the atmosphere in any room. The believe in this lighting revolution can be found in every aspect of their design, the Orb and Slaatto S1 Silhouette have been meticulously crafted to reflect this.

The Orb is available to back on Indiegogo, with limited early bird pledge levels, which includes the Orb and the smartphone app on iOS or Android. Early bird bundles will be delivered in December.

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