The OLED Handbook: your guide to Technology, Industry and Market

Still struggling with the relevance of OLED for your new product portfolio? Still not sure about the opportunities with this new LED light source? recently present “The OLED Handbook” to help you out and provide you with a comprehensive guide to OLED technology, industry and market.

OLED Technology
OLED technology enables thin, efficient, flexible and bright displays and lighting panels, and is on track to revolutionize the display and lighting industries. While reading this handbook, you’ll learn all about:

* OLED technology, materials and production processes
* How OLEDs compare to LCD displays and LED lighting
* What kind of OLED panels are available on the market today
* What are the obstacles on the way for cheaper OLEDs
* Samsung’s Super AMOLED and LG’s OLED TVs
* The future of OLED displays and lighting and the challenges ahead

Complementary, the OLED Handbook also provides:

* A history of OLED development
* A guide to OLED investment
* A comprehensive list of OLED companies
* An introduction to other emerging display technologies (such as quantum dots and pico-projectors)
* A list of existing and planned AMOLED fabs
* OLED lighting roadmaps

The book was written by Ron Mertens, founder and editor-in-chief. Ron has been following OLEDs since 1998 and established OLED-Info, the web’s leading OLED portal, in July 2004.

Highly recommended for lighting professionals that are seeking a way to adopt OLED to enhance their current or future product portfolio!

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