OCTANORM – Light Frames with a System

OCTANORM – Light Made Irresistibly Appealing

Light has an elementary fascination: Unicellular organisms move towards the light, plants turn towards the sun, and our retina automatically reacts to every light source. It even influences our psyche, our feelings, our health. Hence, the question is not: light or no light? But: how can we use light to shine it on our product and company – and create a long-lasting visibility for them? OCTANORM, a leading quality brand in exhibition construction systems presents two intelligent exhibition systems that combine efficiency, flexibility, and individuality with inventive lighting systems.

Octanorm: Intelligent Exhibition Lighting

Octanorm develops intelligent exhibition systems combining efficiency, flexibility and individuality. Core business areas are in development and trade in the areas of exhibition construction, presentation, interior design, cleanroom and project solutions.

For the interior design and presentation systems area, the company provides tailor-made solutions for shopfitting and presentation such as shelf systems, displays, counters, rollups, light walls and much more. Octanorm recently came up with some very interesting light systems, we’re diving into their lighting portfolio from here.

Image of OCTANORM light system

Octalumina and Octamesh by OCTANORM are interesting modular light systems for event and interior furnishing.

OCTAlumina – Quality with a System

The OCTAlumina ranges include high-quality components made from anodized aluminium. The solutions are dimensionally stable, long-lived, and aesthetic. Power-LEDs with lateral feed-in ensure a homogeneous illumination and long operating times at low power consumption. High-quality power LEDs and new lens technology are used to ensure homogeneous illumination of graphics. The lightboxes can be delivered with or without base plate, or with adaptors for horizontal or vertical ceiling suspension.

Octamesh – Adding a Spatial Dimension to Light

With the new OCTAmesh light frames, you can give light an exciting and spatial dimension. LEDs inside the frame are curved through the special fabric into a unique arc which, depending on the viewing angle and the viewing distance, have a very individual three-dimensional effect. The new OCTAmesh is ideal for retail, exhibitions, events, and museums.

Fairs, events, POS, or exhibitions: OCTANORM products can be used for all kinds of decorative or presentation purposes.  The illuminated frames are manufactured in accordance with VDE standards. VDE conformity confirms that the product and all its components are at the cutting edge of technology and safe to use. Strict testing rules guarantee maximum security for customers.

At Lighting-Inspiration.com we keep following the developments around those interesting modular frames with interest!

Pictures in this post are courtesy of OCTANORM/Soenne.com

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