MosaicLights: Illuminating Walls, Floors and Areas

MosaicLights: Wondrous turned Visible

The new MosaicLights patented technology opens up new possibilities when it comes to interior design, decoration and function beyond lighting systems. Indoor or outdoor, MosaicLights’ product modules can be built under any given surface, illuminating walls, floors and areas of premises. The various solutions assure long LED useful life-span and no maintenance cost.

How Design and Function Seamlessly Combine

MosaicLights are light. At the same time, they’re decorative elements being used conforms custom design functions. Used both in indoor and outdoor areas, the modules are built under the given surface. MosaicLights modules are available in several shapes, patterns and colors. However, there are no limitations concerning the covering materials (glass mosaic, onyx, porcelain), forms and colors.

Smart Surfaces: Integrated Devices

MosaicLights is not only about lighting up surfaces, it also can be a part of a smart home system, or cooperate with other electric devices in the premises. You can control it and it can control other devices in the place. It interacts by a touch, mobile application, RFID card, and it further activates other electric devices in the building. For example: elevators, comfort devices, heating systems, security systems.

VersaTILE and Interactive

One of the most valued feature of the MosaicLights solution is that it can be handled just like any other tiles available in the market. Design elements, graphics and functional information are loaded right in the background of the wall and there is no need for any wires or socket to further activate the system. Regarding the installation or cleaning of the modules, again, you do not require any special expertise. The design can be easily created by a tiler of your choice, and cleaning can be done as regular.

More Planar & Embedded Lighting Systems

Great to see another embedded lighting system has arrived! Please refer to our ‘planar lighting‘ system to learn more about planar and embedded lighting systems, or go to the inspiration corner of this website to see more examples of this luminous ‘Mosaic Lights‘ concept., pub-1509224267627414, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0