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Modern Retail Lighting Design Trends


This year’s EuroShop Show revealed how retailers can put their products in the right spotlight in the future. Lighting Designers and shop fitters skillfully vied for the attention of the expert audience and showed the trends of the upcoming years.

If you didn’t see the light at this year’s EuroShop, you were probably wearing sunglasses. Lighting is getting more dominant and intelligent, also in the retail space, and to emphasize their presence and collections exhibitors were stealing the limelight with various modern light installations at this year’s show. From a booth that changed its entire color scheme within seconds to a Lamborghini that bathed in continuously variable lighting conditions all the way to the chill out lounge. Apart from eye-catching large-scale projects however, it were also the small arrangements and details that were worth looking at.

Lighting Themes & Trends at EuroShop

This year, Messe Düsseldorf paid particular attention to the subject lighting. Apart from the already large number of lighting exhibitors – more than 240 in total -, there were two new themed areas. For the very first time, lighting designers were able to combine their products and introduce them in the “Lighting Designers’ Zone“. In addition, the “Italian Lighting Lounge” showcased the latest products by Italian interior and exterior lighting suppliers as well as suppliers from industrial design.

Interactive In-Store Lighting

Today, interactive smart lighting is becoming an emerging topic. We may expect new active and dynamic solutions in shop windows, since today apps make a horizontal and vertical integration of different shop systems much easier. General handling of lighting is also meant to and will become easier. The use of light in stores is also going to change. The generous illumination level is no longer highlighted, but in the future, it will be more about contrasting areas in the store, attracting people towards products by using light as a functional tool. Light is moving closer to the products, so that they disappear less in diffuse lighting. While it is important for the store area to create a good ambience, the trend in illuminated signage right now is to create emphasis that is striking, but still fits into a harmonious overall concept.

High Efficiency with LED illumination

LEDs are efficient, have a low thermal load, and are therefore decreasing energy consumption in supermarket freezer systems and costs for air conditioning in furniture stores. Lighting expenses make up a significant portion of retail energy costs, and this is why the rapid development in terms of energy savings is all the more beneficial. This is one of the key reasons lighting architects and designers prefer to use LEDs. LED lighting has caught up with traditional lights. A lot is still going to happen in the coming years in this area. To be able to assess and influence energy as well as the impact of lights, lighting designers are increasingly pursuing their own ways at the moment.

This article and pictures were also sourced and inspired by EuroShop.de.