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LpS-TiL 2020 Cancelled

In light of the recent postponement of Light + Building to September 2020 and due to the spread of the coronavirus, the organizer of LpS 2020 and TiL 2020, Luger Research e.U. has had to make the decision to cancel the LpS/TiL 2020 events.

Due to the further rapid expansion of the coronavirus and the fact that no vaccine is yet available, medical experts advise there is a risk that in September 2020 the epidemic may still be present in Europe.

The Zhaga Summit in Bregenz, planned in conjunction with the LpS/TiL 2020 on September 23rd, will also be canceled.

Please also refer to the official Press Release by Luger Research.

LpS-TiL 2020 Cancelled – LpS-TiL 2021 Planned!

The LpS/TiL 2021 will take place in Bregenz on September 28-30, 2021.

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