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LPS-TIL 2019 Aftermovie: Connect – Collaborate – Create

The post-show movie for the LED professional Symposium + Expo 2019 and Trends in Lighting Forum & Show 2019 is online! The LPS-TIL 2019 aftermovie features the best of the last event edition, covering the conferences, show floor exhibits and demonstrations, Lake Constance networking event and the Award Ceremony in Lindau, Germany.

LPS-TIL 2019 Aftermovie: Cool-Down & Warm-Up

Missed the event? Or just want to warm-up for the 2020 next edition? Take a minute to view and hear what others say about the best meeting place for lighting peers in Europe, located at the borders of Lake Constance:

LpS-TIL Bregenz is THE lighting industry event to experience a large range of topics from technologies, miniaturization, regulation, component developments, printed optics, sustainability and circular economy, to light sources, lighting design and architectural applications and light quality for end-users.

LED professional Symposium + Expo 2020

LED professional Symposium 2020, Europe’s Foremost Lighting Conference and Exhibition celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2020, is scheduled for September 22-24, 2020 in Operahouse Bregenz.

LPS 2020 is a must-visit event for lighting professionals. More information, the 2020 program and registration options are available at the event website.