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LpS Digital – The First Digital Lighting Conference and Exhibition

Luger Research, the organizer of the LpS/TiL events in Bregenz, just announced the launch of ‘LpS Digital’, a new conference format for the lighting industry. In times where physical contacts are critical, and lighting events are postponed or even canceled, the LpS Digital Exhibit is set to become a stable factor for Lighting professionals. Here’s the latest.

LpS Digital – The First Digital Lighting Conference and Exhibition

LpS Digital will bring current, high-quality lighting technologies, design and applications content and acquaint the audience with the latest trends in product developments and applications. Every lecture and expo presentation will be shared to more than 60,000 contacts in the lighting domain through premium, high-qualified media channels.

The online platform is the brand new, unique, and first, digital lighting conference and exhibition available to viewers for free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Due to environmental issues and travel restrictions, the acclaimed LpS Symposium + Expo and Trends in Lighting Forum & Show held in Bregenz, Austria, has been remodeled into the LpS-Digital.

“LpS Digital will maintain the high quality standard for lectures and product presentations. The aim is to bring the most important trends in technology, application and design closer to the audience in an up-to-date, fast and efficient way. This is a revolutionary step, as this offer is made available completely free of charge to the audience.

To remodel the LpS and TiL events into LpS-Digital is a coherent step when facing changing communication behaviour, increased environmental awareness and the current global challenges. We are excited to start on this new path today”.

Siegfried Luger, Event Director

The motto for 2020: The Green Deal

On September 22nd, 2020 there will be a Live-Streaming event covering keynotes, the LpS Awards and TiL Awards and a summary of the key lighting trends.

For more information please visit LpS Digital which is available at

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