Let's Experience the Future of Light Image by Mathias Rhomberg for LPS 2019 and TIL 2019

LPS 2019 and TIL 2019 REVIEW: Versatile Program Entices Key Players and Start-Ups for Another Successful Edition

In its 9th year the co-hosted LED professional Symposium + Expo (LpS), Trends in Lighting Forum &Show (TiL) and for the first time the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) Summit gathered in the unique setting of Bregenz, Austria. The three international conference and exhibition events were carefully curated to bring together a unique blend of award-winning industry talent including; architects, planners, lighting designers, scientists and technologists.

The event brought focus to the continuing relevance of interdependent technologies, human-centric design and more acutely, sustainability. The approach of combining distinct lighting fields by Luger Research; LpS 2019, TiL 2019 and DALI Summit 2019, succeeded in inciting conversations and knowledge sharing to facilitate the evolution of lighting in the complex global environment. The combined three-day event presented delegates with the opportunity to interact with an extensive selection of prominent keynote speakers from the lighting design world, scientists, and technologists. The opera stage and theatre spaces were utilized for panel discussions, lectures and workshops crossing disciplines and sectors of industry.

LPS 2019 and TIL 2019 CEO – Influencer Panel

Another insightful aspect to the event was a lively press conference and CEO + Influencer panel allowing promulgation of news, industry opinion and key expectations and challenges for the coming years in the lighting industry.

Meanwhile, the exhibition hall was awash with startups and global industry giants simultaneously showcasing the latest developments in interoperability, sustainability and digital technologies. Delegates could appreciate the complementary nature of final products, components and modules, equipment and service providers. This included wireless technologies, driver manufacturers, Internet of Light controllers, ultrathin light sources, luminaires, digital communication devices and 3D printed optics to name a few.

Image of 3D printed optics by Luximprint - the best 2019 LPS TIL Start-Up
Printed Optics by Luximprint – the 2019 Best TIL-LPS Start-Up – is an example of a digital (fabrication) technology with the potential of disrupting the way the industry fabricates and applies custom optics. Image credits: Luximprint.

Human Centric Lighting, Interfaces and Light Controls

LpS/TiL/DALI 2019 highlighted notable key trends for the lighting sector. More recently, the generally accepted principles of Human Centric Lighting have growing influence and are increasingly important in design application. In order to generate optimized light, the spectral compositions are tuned to applications and visual requirements.

Another key topic was the significance of light controls and user-friendly human interfaces as the consumer seeks to be able to integrate additional functions such as colour controls or light distributions. In this context, it can also be seen that lighting planners are increasingly confronted with the complexities of data handling.

The enthusiast team of Lightly Technologies holding their flagship product ‘Hikari SQ’ – an ultrathin light source with the appearance of OLED but the power of LED. A brilliant example of a new technology breaking into the lighting industry with force and innovative power. Image by Mathias Rhomberg.

Digitalization, Sustainability, Eco-design and Standardization

Furthermore, digitalization in the field of data handling and cloud systems will become fundamental in the future. In the research domain, a trend towards micro-optics was discernible. The winner of the Best Scientific Paper dealt adeptly with this topic. The discussions over the three days culminated in affirming the urgency for a holistic approach from the realms of architecture, end-users and technology providers in order to be able to further develop promising lighting solutions. The themes running through all these considerations and receiving intense discussions at Bregenz were sustainability, eco-design and standardization.

Connectivity: Li-Fi, Security and Installation Issues

The issue of connectivity remains prevalent given the different forms of transmission such as LiFi, but also security issues, installation issues and maintenance issues were hot topics. Mark Ridler – Head of Lighting at BDP, an esteemed keynote speaker gave delegates an insight into his methodology behind the journey ´lighting an idea´, “to have a central idea that drives the brief and the concept, and for human concerns of all the people that interact and intersect with your project, to understand their needs and concerns and to marry those two together, that then can be used as a lodestone that takes you throughout the entire design journey.”

TIL 2019 and LPS 2019 Award Ceremony

A key highlight relished by delegates is the unique approach to the awards ceremony which launches with a cruise from the Opera House on Lake Constance to neighboring Germany. Approximately 300 people hop off into a large contemporary restaurant curiously adorned with vintage sports cars to enjoy dinner and an awards presentation celebrating a variety of achievements. The award categories cover numerous areas including; ground-breaking scientific research, recognition of startups, lighting solutions, designs, and innovative applications in celebration of the complete spectrum of light.

Image by Mathias Rhomberg of the 2019 LED professional Appreciation Award winners.
Winners of the 2019 LED professional Review 75th Anniversary Appreciation Certificate

Winners 2019 LED professional Review 75th Anniversary Appreciation:

J. Norman Bardsley
Prof. Mehmet Arik
Carlos Lee
Federico Galluzzi
Marco de Visser
Patrick Durand

LED professional Award 2019:

Best Scientific Paper Peter Schreiber, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF

The LpS Awards are given to cutting edge technologies with the strongest impact on lighting, applications and sustainability.

Best Lighting Technology SSC – SunLike
Best Application Technology GL Optic – GL RID one UV
Best Sustainability Technology Nichia – “2-in-1” Tunable White LED with Single LES

The Trends in Lighting Awards celebrate the most outstanding creative, collaborative and innovative lighting applications across all industries and the implementation of cutting edge technologies.

Best Lighting Design Award Glass Technology GmbH – LightGlass
Best Lighting Solution Award Samsung Electronics – PixCell LED
Best Lighting Project Award Lumitronix

Best Startup Certificate Luximprint & Physionary

The ‘Best Start-Up Certificate was for the joint Award Submission of Luximprint and Physionary for their groundbreaking technology combination: Faceted Lens Design vs. Additive Optics Fabrication (optical 3D printing). Image credits: Mathias Rhomberg

Key Statistics Visitors: 1,600 / 40+ countries Exhibitors: 100 Lectures, Workshop, Panels: 100 Proceedings: 700 pages, full-paper documentation Awards: 7

2020 LPS and TIL Events

The 2020 objectives for LpS, TiL and DALI will be to continue to offer attendees the opportunity to explore the latest technologies and their application to lighting in a forum that encourages exploration of potential and value.

Image of the fabulous Luger Research Team, the driving force behind the LPS 2019 and TIL 2019 Events.
It is apparent the event organizer Luger Research e.U. continues its ambition to create an environment to inspire expert debate to shape the future of the lighting industry.

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