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LPS 2018: More Relevant than Ever Before!

LED Professional Symposium + Expo LPS 2018: More Relevant than Ever Before

Every sector has been affected by the dramatic evolution of technology that has taken place in the last decade. In lighting, this evolution has become a revolution, taking us from the use of phosphors, through LEDification and on into the current-day connected, smart solutions that open up the sector to a whole new world of potential. LpS 2018 is THE event to be when it comes to learning about the latest trends and technologies in the lighting sector!

Lps 2018: The Evolving Lighting Event

The development and application of lighting technologies have never needed to be more agile, market aware and reactive to keep up with the changing tides than today. This need for fast and accurate investment and decision-making makes the LpS event more relevant today than it has ever been before.

LpS 2018 will see nearly 2000 leaders in light technology come together to share and debate the latest updates for researchers, engineers and system architects in the fields of LEDs, OLEDs, drivers, controls, printed optics, thermal management, materials, standardization, testing, technology trends, and luminaire design.

LpS, the international symposium and exhibition, has kept up with the rapid rate of change that has taken place in the sector. LpS has been through the lighting revolution, developing its format and content at the same rate as the changes in the technologies themselves.

LPS 2018: The Leading European Lighting Conference

Over the last 8 years, LpS has earned its title as the leading European lighting conference because it calls on the leading experts from academia and industry to present their latest research, developments, innovations and expectations for future technologies to its highly-qualified audience.

This year it will not only be the technologies that LpS will focus on; the multiple knock-on-effects created by this boom in development means that LpS will welcome specialists in cybersecurity, miniaturization, the human-centric approach, productivity, manufacturing and economics.

More information on the show and conference program is available at the event website.

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