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LpS 2018: Starting Point for Lighting Technology, Use and Application

Carefully Curated LpS 2018 Progam Tackles the Disruption to the Lighting Industry 

The 8th international LED professional Symposium +Expo (LpS 2018) will take place from 25 to 27 September in Bregenz, Austria. LpS continues to be aimed at technology experts from industry and research, as well as those who are curious about the latest developments in lighting technology. The carefully curated LpS 2018 program, together with the co-hosted TiL 2018, now forms a comprehensive overview of the current developments, hurdles, and solutions for the disrupted and ever-changing world of lighting.

LpS 2018 Program: Understanding Techology, Users and Applications

It is not easy to describe the current situation in the lighting domain, as there are so many different perspectives. Essentially, however, we can all agree that we are in a state of flux, change and disruption. We are looking at a future none of us can confidently create a roadmap for. We see the solution for the disruption of lighting as progression and innovation with light. This requires an understanding of technology, users and the applications. Only when all sides are understood and considered can valuable new solutions truly be created with, and in, light.

LpS 2018: A Gathering of the Greatest Minds in Lighting

LpS will bring together the greatest minds in lighting to tackle this year’s key 5 topics of Strategies & Technologies:

  • Digitization,
  • Human Centric Lighting
  • Quality Engineering
  • Technologies
  • Applications

There will be over 100 specialist lectures, workshops, and panel debates that will be enjoyed by more than 1,600 visitors, who will come together to discuss, debate, design and develop the “Lighting Technologies of Tomorrow”.

Lighting Technologies of Tomorrow

The extensive LpS 2018 Program of conferences encompasses strategies and markets, engineering and design, testing and applications, and covers the central building blocks of lighting systems from the component or materials right the way through to the application. The design questions concern topics such as reliability, costs and issues around the production of modern lighting systems.

The workshop program has also been extended to allow our delegates to have a real hands-on experience. Delegates can encounter the latest technologies, explore creative thinking, problem-solving, and ask questions and work alongside new and interesting people. The workshops and demonstration sessions will inspire you to think bigger, achieve greater things and to be better prepared for the uncertain, but exciting, future of lighting.

LpS2018 is the place where a true understanding of a process of change in technology, design and application really begins. Don’t miss it!

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