LpS 2016 Call for Papers!

LpS 2016 Call for Papers: 6th LED professional Symposium +Expo (LpS)

Experts from science and industry are invited to submit their abstracts on latest lighting trends and innovations for the chance to present them at the 6th international LED professional Symposium + Expo (LpS) in Bregenz, Austria. The LpS 2016 conference will take place from Sept. 20th to 22nd with a focus on “Smart Technologies for Lighting Innovations”. Here’s the Lps 2016 Call for Papers:

LpS 2016 Call for Papers

LpS 2016 Submissions

Submitted lectures should be original material and should cover one of the following topics:

♦ Lighting Innovations
♦ Intelligent & Connected Lighting
♦ Smart Technologies
♦ Engineering & Design
♦ Lifetime & Security
♦ Costs and Manufacturing
♦ Best Practice Approaches & Applications

All submissions handed in by February 19th will be reviewed by an advisory board. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by May 13th.


LpS 2016 Scientific Award

The best paper submitted by a universities, research organizations or institut will be honored with the LED professional Scientific Award which includes a financial contribution of 3,000 EUR. Furthermore, the winning paper will be published in the Nov./Dec. issue of the LED professional Review.

For more information please see www.LpS2016.com/symposium.

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