The World’s First Wallpaper Emitting Light!


The Lighting Wallpaper™ is a new design element about to come into your homes, offices, bars, restaurants, lobbys and other places. Light isn’t just emited from bulbs or LEDs but instead your the entire wall can shine brightly. The same warm glow that comes from the iconic Apple logo on the back of your Mac laptop can completely change a room into a futuristic inspirational space with emotional impact ranging all the way from vibrant excitement to calm soul.

Lighting Wallpaper: interior as a modern and ambient space

The idea behind Lighting Wallpaper™ regards an interior as a modern and ambient space. Lighting Wallpaper has been created to help in developing and creating such places. It´s the „must have“ thing, the very atractive novelty which everybody wants. For people who want clean, modern minimalistic lines will appreciate the perfection of Lighting Wallpapers – there is no more need for intrusive lamps and chandeliers with their poor light dispersion.


“Have you ever asked yourself WHY does light have to be in a shape of an ordinary bulb, neon light or a LED?

Starting somewhere to the the next big thing

The first prototypes shown at the Designblok 2014 exhibition were made as ultraslim square panels with a basic „FLOWERS AND CIRCLES” artwork, lit using electroluminescent technology. Lighting Wallpaper™ emits soft, enchanting light creating a strong sense of atmosphere. Following the immense interest in the product at the Designblok exhibition, this unique product is poised to be „next big thing“ in lighting and interior design.



The Next Steps…
There are a few steps left in finalizing production. The Lighting Wallpaper™ project has set a target to cover further development of the technology, manufacturing process, panel graphic designs and the creation of a professional e-shop available in different languages.

Help making this technology into a success!
The Wallpaper Lighting Team is hoping to find forward looking individuals who want to be involved in the early stages of making this new lighting technology a widespread success., pub-1509224267627414, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0