New Lighting Wallpaper Designs by XTEND Design

London based XTEND Design Creates New Lighting Wallpaper Designs for ELON Technologies

ELON Technologies, the revolutionary Lighting Wallpaper designers, manufacturers, and creators behind the first unveil at the Designblok in Czech, this week officially debuted their line of seven new lighting wallpaper designs, available for purchase. Designed and refined by Tomas Rousek of the London XTEND DESIGN LTD, the lighting wallpaper possibilities and accents for homes or offices worldwide are staggering.

Enticing Lighting for Any Space

“Enticing lighting shouldn’t just be reserved for bars, laptops, mobile devices, and advertising posters,” said Pavel Benes, Founder and Owner of ELON Technologies. “Our technological developments will enable even the most boring of walls to come alive with lit-up personality. Through electroluminescent technology, an ambient light will emit from any styled pattern to meet individual consumer preferences.”

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Lighting Wallpaper is a 0,5 mm thin, laminated foil in the shape of a 50 by 50 cm square. It’s lightweight, tiny frame makes it incredible versatile and easy to install. Each individual tile has stickers for quick wall application, and the tiles are double-sided with copper stickers for expanded artistic interpretation. The entire set is then powered by a special power source, which converts 220V from socket into 110V. The resulting energy consumer is 80 W/m2 of the lighting area.

Lighting-Inspiration.com_Elon_Lighting Wallpaper by Extend Design (2)

“Our energy conversion method results in low power drains and an evenly cool light feeling,” said Benes. “The chain connection system makes it easy to install and durable for years. We are excited to announce the new line of our six exquisite and eye-catching patterns, and are encouraging everyone to consider giving their walls some life with ELON Technologies’ Lighting Wallpaper.”

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Lighting Wallpaper: Clean, Modern and Minimalistic Design

For people who want clean, modern minimalistic lines, Lighting Wallpaper will eliminate the need for intrusive lamps and chandeliers with their poor light dispersion. Following the immense interest in the initial product at the 2014 Designblok exhibition, ELON Technologies sought out Tomas Rousek for ensured and unique wallpaper patterns.

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