Architectural Lighting Design: Assisting Designers and Architects to help translate their vision to light

Architectural Lighting Designer

The Architectural Lighting Designer works with the design team helping with lighting drawings on various projects. He possess a strong design aesthetic that can be applied to a variety of project types including retail, commercial, health-care and residential lighting applications. He must exhibit a passion for design as well as strong creativity. The designer must have the ability to develop ideas from concept design to construction details.

Architectural lighting design is a field within architecture and architectural engineering that concerns itself primarily with the illumination of buildings. The objective of architectural lighting design is to obtain sufficient light for the purposes of the building, balancing factors of initial and operating cost, appearance, and energy efficiency. Architectural Lighting designers are often specialists who must understand the physics of light production and distribution, and the physiology and psychology of light perception by humans. Architectural lighting design is generally concerned with the permanent illumination of a structure., pub-1509224267627414, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0