Image of LPS and TIL events enabling Lighting Industry Change

LpS 2018: Enabling the Much needed Lighting Industry Change

Lighting Industry Change: LPS and TIL Events Catalyst for Postive Change

The 8th international LED professional Symposium +Expo (LpS 2018) will take place next week, from 25 to 27 September in Bregenz, Austria. The goal is to support the much-needed change in the lighting industry. 

Understanding Today’s Lighting Market

Gone are the days when lighting technology could be researched, designed and delivered in silos.  Today, all the complex, interlocking factors must be understood and considered when creating modern lighting systems for them to have relevance and longevity in the new, complex and ever-changing lighting marketplace.

The lighting industry is fragmented, disjointed and in a state of flux. It requires urgent help.  To enable it to regroup, form stronger foundations and rebuild itself, a new LpS 2018 will deliver an event that is a catalyst for positive change in the lighting industry. It will do this by making available to its attendees an in-depth diverse and vital 360-degree prospective of lighting and what drives, informs and affects it, from the smallest nanotechnologies to the global problems surrounding human wellbeing.  The event is designed to be a forum; a place to share, learn and exchange ideas across disciplines and even sectors.

LpS 2018: Explore Lighting Impact and Potential

By bringing together over 1700 experts from around the world, LpS 2018 offers its attendees the opportunity to explore and to learn more about technology. With a new, vibrant and engaging co-hosted Trends in Lighting, the combined event program offers delegates the chance to really explore lighting, its impact and its potential.

The organizers of LpS 2018 and TiL 2018 believe it is time for a positive change, and they hope to start this process in Bregenz next week!, pub-1509224267627414, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0