LightGlass – The Fusion of Light and Glass

LightGlass – Convert Glass into a Daylight-quality Light Source

Since the 12th century, glass has served the purpose of allowing sunlight into rooms and protecting us from external influences. Almost 900 years later, LightGlass, a Vienna based glass technology company, is converting glass itself into an almost daylight-quality light source. 

Transparent Surfaces becoming Planar Lights

The vision for transparent glass surfaces that become homogenous planar lights at the touch of a button in windows and doors, partition wall systems, skylines, facades and elevators is – thanks to LightGlass – becoming a reality and is now manufacturable on an industrial scale.

“What if glass becomes a source of light itself? Simulating the sun’s best features, allowing windows to continue to be our source of light long after the sun has set”.

Picture of LightGlass Technology at blog

LightGlass – The Reality of Luminescent Glass

Creating a vision for luminescent glass on an industrial scale a reality required solving many technical issues. Those included, among others:

• Availability of light and flexible fixtures for almost every single type of IGU while maintaining 100% tightness for the whole system.
• A light quality nearing natural light as close as possible.
• Use of durable, efficient, high-performance LEDs that were easy to maintain without affecting the gas-tightness of the whole system.
• Incorporating tunable white light and the full RGB color spectrum.
• Creating a thermal management system which is able to draw heat away well and maintain ongoing control of the system’s temperature.
• Building a system that could also be attached to a warm edge.
• All of the above factors to be merged into one single unit.

Image of LightGlass panels featuring RGB light technology

Self-Illuminating Glass Technology

Innovative product applications with self-illuminating glass technology ‘ALED Daylight’ and ‘ALED Privacy-Plus’ with enhanced privacy-effect presented at the BAU in Munich 2017 and the 2017 International Builders’ Show in Orlando.

The possibilities in application are virtually unlimited: facades, doors, partition wall systems, skylines, facades and elevators. LightGlass is a great and very different sample of large format, planar lighting technology.

Here’s a small promotion video that was used by Glass Technology to present its concept at the above-mentioned events:

We’re watching the developments around the LightGlass concept closely, and keep our followers both in the lighting and architectural (glass) industries inspired once novel innovations appear!, pub-1509224267627414, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0