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Light Space Design Summit 2019

Light Space Design Summit 2019: Fostering the Convergence of Light, Space and Design

For the first time ever, Expotrade has diverted from its usual format to bring together the best minds in the lighting, interior design, and architecture fields at the inaugural Light Space Design Summit 2019. With plenty of technological and societal shifts rapidly impacting the lighting industry, the summit intends to start a conversation about how best to tackle the practice of architectural lighting design against the backdrop of these changes.

Light Space Design Summit 2019: At the Crossing of Spaces

Creating human-centric lighting, whereby spaces are appropriately-lit, demands are optimality crossing a variety of spaces: from a structure’s lighting and interior design to its architecture and engineering.

At the Light Space Design Summit 2019, experienced professionals will bring together the puzzle of achieving an impeccably designed structure through the aid of mood-boosting, sustainable and fundamentally human-friendly lighting design.

Lighting Design Experts Speak Out

Opening the summit will be NDYLIGHT Director Steve Brown, board member of the International Association of Lighting Designers, and practicing lighting designer for 30 years. He will explore the history of the lighting design profession and zero in on where the industry sees itself heading in the near future.

Arup’s Florence Lam, the first woman to win the UK’s coveted Lighting Designer of the Year Award, will travel from London to speak at the summit. Florence is set to provide a keynote presentation on how building tenants’ growing expectations are impacting lighting design typologies and how this shapes not only the work of lighting professionals but that of architects and designers in charge of designing entire spaces.

Joining Florence Lam as Light Space Design’s second international speaker is Michael Grubb. As Creative Director of the Michael Grubb Studio and founder of the award winning ‘Re:LIT Project’, Michael will draw on his 19-year career to unpack the art of designing innovative lighting concerned with human well-being and underpinned by effective collaboration.

Lighting Trends – Themes and Challenges

Other speakers will tap into the trends, themes and associated challenges currently permeating the design industry, from smart technology to sustainable, ‘green’ lighting.

The award-winning lighting design consultancy Electrolight, who designed the new lighting on Melbourne’s now-iconic Sound Tube has put forward its director Donn Salisbury to present. Donn will provide a reality check on the balance that can be difficult to strike between creativity and sustainability when seeking to design and light energy-efficient spaces.

DJCoalition Director David Skelley, Martin Klaasen of Klaasen Lighting Design and BVN Principal Ninotschka Titchkosky are just three other names rounding out the summit’s distinguished and knowledge-packed speaker list.

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Rapid Light Talks

The LSD Summit will blur the line between attendee and keynote presenter, enabling delegates to play the role of speaker as part of its Rapid Light Talks segment. The fast-paced presentation format will allow 30 delegates to step forward for 1 minute to share their latest work, design philosophies, or ideas with the aid of 3 slides. Rapid Light Talks will allow attendees to raise their profiles among industry peers, while simultaneously uncovering surprising talents and insights.

The segment encapsulates the Light Space Design Summit 2019 as a whole, as an event dedicated to fostering collaboration and knowledge in the pursuit of high-quality, human-centric lighting and overall design.

Light Space Design 2019 is taking place on March 27 2019, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre., pub-1509224267627414, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0