• Light Instinct by Greenhouse Group

‘Light Instinct’ – Interactive Light Installation at GLOW ‏2015

Light Instinct: Where Talent and Innovation come Together

The 2015 edition of GLOW will see Greenhouse Group, an umbrella organization for four innovative and trend-setting start-ups based in Eindhoven, participate with ‘Light Instinct’, one of the few interactive installations to be presented this year at the festival.

Developed through Greenhouse’s Labs program aimed at talented and innovative-minded students, this project challenges GLOW 2015 visitors to feel the primary experience of light. It creates a connection between light, sound and behaviour. Just touch it, push against it and make it move! Your basic instincts will immediately triggered.
Meanwhile you might observe yourself: is your basic light-instinct still intact?

Light Instinct - a combination of artistic vision with the drive to innovate.

Light Instinct – a combination of artistic vision with the drive to innovate.

Light For Everyday Lives… and nights!

Light has become an everyday thing in our lives, we take it for granted. In the early years, light only existed because of nature. Light was something magical. It had something mystical, it could bring fear or warmth or it could bring forgiveness. Can we still get those feelings from light? Have our reactions changed? This installation looks back at nature and makes the connection between light, sound an behavior. The old instincts will be called upon. Does your light instinct still exist?

Here’s a nice timelapse movie on “the making of” the Light instinct pillars:

The Outstanding Mix of Interaction, Design and Technics

Light instinct is an interactive installation designed for night festivals. The first release will be on the 7th of November at Glow festival in Eindhoven. In case you want to learn more about the Greenhouse Group initiative, please refer to https://www.facebook.com/lightinstinct or see their ‘Light Instinct’ installation live at GLOW 2015. The installation was designed by Rob Vaessen and Tom Klaversma in collaboration with Greenhouse Group and Glow.



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