Light at Play: Radiance Dome



Light At Play’s design, the Radiance Dome, features nearly 200 two-foot Light Guide Panel triangles equipped with LED lights that literally glow as they change color with music and movement.


Light at Play - Radiance Dome at Twilight

Light at Play – Radiance Dome at Twilight

Burning Man Nevada

The structure was initially created for the Burning Man 2013 festival in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert and provided a 1,200 square foot dance space for Tangoed Up in Blues, a group that taught dance lessons to the 60,000 attendees of the annual art event and temporary community.


“Light At Play’s immersive LED concept is a brilliant example of what’s happening in the best of lighting design today.”

Synchronized Installations – Shared Emotions

Synchronized installations such as this connect people to one another through a shared emotional experience. The concept features illuminating particles infused throughout the acrylic material to bring the Radiance Dome to life.

Light at Play - Radiance Dome at Sunrise

Light at Play – Radiance Dome at Sunrise


Light at Play: Bright and Colored Performance

Radiance Dome’s Light at Play designers consulted with a local supplier who recommended a special Light Guiding Plate (LGP) for its exceptional brightness, even illumination and optimized color performance when used with LEDs. As high-end lighting designers with experience in software architecture, Light At Play developed a lighting control system that fully utilized the potential of the glowing panels, which created an interactive space. There is also a pendant version – named Radiance Orb – available.


Light at Play - Radiance Dome Small Sphere Installation

Light at Play – Radiance Dome Small Sphere Installation

Light at Play – Your Custom Lighting Experience on Stage

As a creator, you set out to make something not knowing what the world will think. To watch people’s expressions and know that we are capturing their minds and hearts with this kind of designs is otherworldly.

Light at Play is specialized in custom lighting design work for festivals and other events – they did some impressive work for the IYL2015 Opening Ceremonies, for example – and is truly setting the pace in building the next generation of personalized light experience!, pub-1509224267627414, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0