Composition of various images from the Lighting Design Association Delight in Light Awards

The LIA ‘Delight in Light’ Finalists are Here!

Lighting Industry Association Announces Delight in Light Award Finalists

The LIA is excited to announce the Delight in Light Finalists for the season 2015-2016. ‘Delight in Light’ is a movement created to encourage excellence in lighting design. Established in 1985, the LIA Awards have become the premier competition for lighting design students in the UK.

Delight in Light Awards: A Win-win for All

The Delight in Light Awards are a mutually beneficial situation for all. Firstly for the lighting industry which strives for excellence and the high quality design can provide. Secondly, for the designers through a closer liaison with the industry and exposure at high profile events. And thirdly for the end users that will enjoy a better quality of lighting in their environment.

Exciting New Lighting Designs by Young Professionals

‘The Delight in Light’ Design Competition sits firmly at the core of this direction and we are sure will provide the platform for many exciting new lighting designs, and offer young people to better understand the industry and interact with it.

The 2015/16 event edition saw 50 designs submitted and over 2,500 votes cast and 6 finalists have been selected:

• Jack Butterworth with Luceo from Nottingham Trent University
• Tom Butterfield with The Eclipse light from Northumbria University
• Dan Genner with Sonor Task Lamp from Northumbria University,
• Jimin Jeon with L0 from Northumbria University
• Conor Kirkpatrick with The Snuff Light from Northumbria University
• Joe Pendrich with Geo light from Northumbria University

Highly Commended Lighting Designs

The Judges also acknowledged the following designs as highly commended:

• Haruki Ara with Shiroshi from Northumbria University
• Tristan Guerrero with Hikari light from University of Wolverhampton
• Alex Hay with R20 from Northumbria University
• Natasha Lewis with viv from Nottingham Trent University
• James Skelton with Torner from Northumbria University

The designs were judged by LIA COO, Peter Hunt and Simon Terry, Innovation & Brand Director at Anglepoise.
Luceo by Jack Butterworth received the most on-line votes with over 500 votes cast.

The Final LIA Judgement upon Functional Prototypes

The Final Judging will be held at the LIA in Telford on 31st January 2017. Here, the finalists will present a working prototype of their design to the judging panel of Peter Hunt, LIA, Simon Terry from Anglepoise and Innermost’s Russell Cameron.

The Delight in Light 2015/16 winner will be awarded the prize money of £1,000. These awards are organised by The Lighting Industry Association and sponsored by Anglepoise.

More info on the awards on the event website, pub-1509224267627414, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0