The LEDbits Kickstarter Campaign has Started!

LEDbits Kickstarter Campaign: An Elegant Toolkit for Creating Personal LED Lamps

After working non-stop for close to two years, including countless hours of prototyping and design refinement, the team behind LEDbits launched today it’s inventive concept to the global makers community. Designed to stimulate creativity, the LEDbits team wants to empower the people they intentionally designed the concept for: makers from global industries that now have access to create their own products for tailored lighting solutions, at home or business environments. The LEDbits Kickstarter Campaign has started today, and the impressive build blocks are getting available in the next months for anyone that wants to be creative with light!

The LEDbits Kickstarter Campaign is live

LEDbits: Elegant – Personalized – Plug-and-Play

LEDbits is an elegant toolkit that enables you to create personalized LED lamps, in an easy ‘plug-and-play’ style. You can now enjoy the many benefits of High Power LED lighting, without the technical hassle. Whether you are an experienced designer or a beginning creator, LEDbits is made with you in mind! Effortlessly mix and match, until you find the perfect light for your personal application!

LEDbits offers an unlimited product variety and creativity for makers

A wide variety of novel applications is now accessible with LEDbits

A Toolkit for Every Maker Type

The LEDBits Kickstarter campaign offers three different types of kits readily available for ordering: A ‘LEDbits Mini’-set, the ‘LEDbits Pro Basic’ (to demand available in combination with a Free Touch Kit) and the ‘LEDbits Pro Large’. A special ‘Gold’ edition completes the exclusive offering.

At the Kickstarter page, you will already find an impressive portfolio by designers and makers from the local industry that started working with LEDbits. Why wait? You have now access to the wonderful buildblocks as well!

When the goal for the actual campaign is pledged, LEDbits by PicusLED will come up with more product and line extensions in the time to come, such as different shapes.

You can back LEDbits at Kickstarter and now become part of the story!, pub-1509224267627414, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0