LEDbits: Build Blocks for Makers

LEDbits: Designing with Light finally becomes Safe and Easy!

A dream for makers, start-ups and young professionals is coming true: the birth of a modular toolkit that lowers the bar for making lights with high power LEDs in a safe and easy way. ‘LEDbits’ enables designers to use novel LED technology in a simple manner.

Modularity and Compatibility are Key

LEDbits is a modular system: there are modules blocks for LEDs, for optics, for drivers, for sensors and for the mounting. LEDbits was pre-launched at the LED Evenement 2015 in Den Bosch, Netherlands and recently appeared at the Maker Faire Ruhr in Dortmund, Germany. Here’s a quick impression of the event:

LEDbits: Easy – Elegant – Reliable

Choose your  appropriate light color, define the right beam shape and choose a fitting control system. In only a few steps, your device is up and running in a functional matter. It’s just a matter of plug-and-play. Thanks to the small form factor, the individual build blocks fits beautifully in your design. They even integrate with the favourite platforms available today, like Arduino. The modules itself are precision engineered to achieve an optimal performance and lifespan.

Here’s how to make a simple lamp:

The compact concept was developed by PicusLED and Studio Philip Ross and is truly one of the most promising ‘mergers’ of engineering and design capabilities. LEDbits is now getting prepared for a first crowdfunding campaign, to be launched over the next months.

We’ll be following the next developments with great interest, sure there’s many more to come!

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