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LpS 2019 – Europe’s Trend-Setting Lighting Technology Event

The international LED professional Symposium 2019 (LpS 2019) will take place from 24 to 26 September in the Opera House Bregenz, Austria. The ambition for already the 9th edition is to nurture, support and drive the continued development in, and around, the lighting industry to enable its sustainable future. LPS is a trendsetting lighting event with international key lectures and forefront exhibitors!

LPS 2019: Catalyst for Positive Change in the Lighting Industry

In 2019, LpS will deliver an event that is a catalyst for positive change in the lighting industry. It will do this by making available to its attendees an in-depth diverse and vital 360-degree perspective of lighting and what drives informs and affects it, from the smallest nanotechnologies to the global problems surrounding human wellbeing.  The event is designed to be a forum; a place to share, learn and exchange ideas across disciplines and even sectors.

In the Expert Panel, masterminds in lighting share their views on the industry and its future.

By bringing together over 1700 experts from around the world, LED professional Symposium 2019 offers its attendees the opportunity to explore and to learn more about technology. With the co-hosted Trends in Lighting and DALI SUMMIT, the combined event program offers delegates the chance to really explore lighting, its impact and potential. Exploring a topic that will resonate throughout the 2019 event will be the Keynote from Trilux, who during these uncertain times in lighting discusses “The Changes in Lighting”.

Hands-on workshops: Experience-led learning

Delegates can get hands-on in several in-depth and varied workshops throughout the event. This year LpS welcomes multiple industry experts sharing their expertise across varied subjects including: “Inside the Pyramids -Light Where There Should Be Darkness” by Professor Ruairi O’Brien, “Intertwining Daylight and Light Design”, by Isabel Villar and Maha Shalaby, “Setting Up A Robust Lighting Control System with Bluetooth Mesh” by Silvair, and “Experience How New LED Technologies Raise The Bar in Human Centric Lighting” by Giovanni Vecchio.

LPS Awards: Celebrating Light

The awards return this year, bigger and more exciting than before. LpS has increased the awards categories for exhibitors to celebrate the complete spectrum of light. The seven Awards will be presented at a stunning ceremony dinner in Lindau on September 25th. They are given for cutting edge technologies with the strongest impact on lighting, applications and sustainability.

An impression of the LPS2018 Awards Ceremony in Lindau

LED professional Symposium 2019 Exhibitors

More than 100 exhibitors will show the latest systems, products, equipment and services in the LpS 2019 exhibition during the three event days. Some remarkable companies include Luximprint, Dutch service provider of 3D printed optics for lighting applications, Lightly Technologies, inventor of the ultra-thin, OLED-like LED light panels, among many other firms, both large and small that offer the latest emerging lighting technologies.

Luximprint – with its emerging Additive Optics Fabrication Technology is again one of the 2019 Highlights at the Expo.

LpS 2019 is supported by Lifud, Nichia, Seoul Semiconductor and Tridonic and is co-located with the 3rd Trends in Lighting Event and the 1st DALI Summit 2019 from the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA).

More information and tickets via www.LpS2019.com

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