iGuzzini Trick – Pushing the Boundaries

iGuzzini Trick: A Unique, Contemporary Product and a Real Tech Gem in Terms of Light Clarity and Range

The slogan of the effect luminaire Trick is „Push the Boundaries“: “Its main function is not to provide general lighting or provide mathematical requirements to illuminate the space, it is actually something you can play with, this is the main idea”, says Dean Skira, the designer of the luminaire.

The sharp edged light lines enable light fun and playing with light and shadow to the max.

The sharp edged light lines enable light fun and playing with light and shadow to the max.

Forget traditional rules and enjoy three-dimensional games and endless graphic combinations instead. Trick is the product that goes beyond the rules and regulations of architecture. It is the ideal instrument for a lighting architect and lighting designer who wish to test new solutions without sacrificing high level performance. Two functions: architectural and artistic. Three effects: light blade, radial and washer. Trick’s changing spirit adapts to any kind of use that this unique device is put to.

Lines of Light: Creating Geometrical Textures in Space

Sharp symmetrical lines of light create geometrical textures in space, emphasize forms and materials and redefine the relationship between lighting and building. Trick is characterized by a special lighting technology: A distinctive, patented lense, developed by the Innovation Lab of iGuzzini generates a unique lighting effect – a very precise line of light, which expands over a radius of 180° or 360°.


“Trick is not designed to create general light or meet the specific mathematical requirements of illuminating space. It’s a fun device for people to play with. That’s the idea behind its design”.


Trick – Writing History

Trick is the result of a highly original idea by designer Dean Skira and brought to life by iGuzzini’s talented optical engineers. It’s a rare thing, a completely new form factor in LED technology application. When off, it’s an unassuming little circle (or semicircle) sticking out from a surface. Switch it on, and it projects an unbroken 360° band of light around the ceiling, walls and floor. You can even tune it to skip the wall it’s mounted on, and just light the opposite wall, ceiling and floor.

iGuzzini Trick comes with a great 'wash' funtionality to evenly lit a large variety of objects smoothly.

iGuzzini Trick comes with a great ‘wash’ funtionality to evenly lit a large variety of objects smoothly.

Trick Product Variations

With Trick you can modulate light effects to turn surfaces into vast canvasses. This is a luminaire with a dual character offering either light blade or surface skimming effects and radial or washer versions. When used to illuminate architecture, the luminaire animates compositions with light beams that run parallel or cross over to highlight new planes. The radial or washer effect versions decorate vertical or horizontal surfaces with atmospheric and carefully monitored lighting effects.

The iGuzzini Trick thus comes in four different product variations: iGuzinni Trick 180, iGuzzini Trick 360, iGuzzini Trick Radial and the iGuzzini Trick Washer.

Lighting-Inspiration.com_I-Guzzini Trick_Product Variations

iGuzzini Trick comes in different radial and directional product variations and can be applied in both in- and outdoor environments.

You will find the individual product extensions from the iGuzzini Trick range are listed in the Product Inspiration corner of this blog.

Trick Catalogue

iGuzzini issued a special catalogue covering the backgrounds and product palette of the successful Trick series, below you can read it online.

It’s an Honour…

The iGuzzini Trick is awarded with numerous international architecture and lighting design awards meanwhile, such as the recent ‘Lux Awards’ that was awarded during LuxLive 2014 in one of the leading lighting designer capitals, London.

We hope you’ll keep on following the applications and developments around the Trick with great interest! So do we.


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