5th Genius Loci Weimar Festival: Make Walls Talk!

Genius Loci Weimar: International Competition for Architectural Projection Mapping

The Genius Loci Weimar Festival celebrates its 5th anniversary on the weekend of August 12th -14th 2016, inviting to a nocturnal tour to the Ilmpark to experience the special charme of this historical landscape garden and UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site.

Genius Loci Weimar: Videomapping and Facade-Projection

Since 2012 the Genius Loci Weimar Festival for videomapping and facade-projection utelises light and sound to bring the buildings of Weimar to life. Using state of the art projection-technology, facades, spaces and objects are „brought to light“. The main idea is to capture the genius loci – the spirit of the place – taking in the history, the architecture and the people associated with the place and to make this spirit perceptible through videomapping.

The winning entries of this years videomapping-competition will be shown on the pitoresque ruin of Tempelherrenhaus, the Sternbrücke and on a special installation of water-screens at the Stern. At Hafis-Goethe-Denkmal the winners of the spatial audio competition will create an audible dialog between the oriental and the occidental world.

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Last edition of the Genius Loci Weimar Festival – a city brought to light!

Genius Loci Lab – The Festivals Audiovisuel Adventure Playground

This year the Genius Loci Lab – the festivals audiovisuel adventure playground – takes place at the E-Werk close to Ilmpark and Sternbrücke.
AV artists, vjs, musicians, light- and interior designers get together already in the week leading up to the festival to develope their collective live-shows and spatial interventions. The labs program is varying, dynamic and diversified. None of the shows is like another.

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Live AV Concerts for Night Lovers

Starting at 06:00pm audiovisuel live-concerts at the Lichthaus will guide you into the evening. All the night lovers can enjoy the Genius Loci Club at Kesselhaus on Friday and Saturday.  The Tickets for the concerts at Lichthaus and the club can be purchased directly in the evening at the locations. All shows in the outdoor areas and the park are openly accessible and for free.

The Weimar community is looking forward to your visit! More information is available at the event website.

Pictures in this post are courtesy of GENIUS LOCI WEIMAR.

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