Thoughts on Future Lighting Design Practices

Future Lighting Design:  Leading Designers on how they see Lighting Designed in Architectural Applications

Philips Lighting recently hosted a great interview with three leading lighting designers: Paul Traynor, Neil Skinner and Tapio Rosenius. An innovative series of discussion webinars has been set up in partnership with Luminous Magazine. Future Lighting Design is waiting, we better know what the challenges and demands will be!

Future Lighting Design: Digitization & Novel Technology

Some key questions are getting addressed during this series:

– What is the impact of the lighting profession going digital?
– What will the role of lighting design be in the future?
– How will the lighting designer influence lighting manufactures and vice versa?
– What’s profession lighting designer’s will be hire next?

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Thoughts on Future Lighting Design practices

Advanced Lighting Designers Speak

In this episode, architectural author and editor Ruth Slavid is interviewing three advanced lighting designers in London. The speak on the future of the Lighting Design role.

– Paul Traynor – Light Bureau, London/Oslo
– Neil Skinner –  SKR Lighting Design, London
– Tapio Rosenius – Lighting Design Collective, Madrid/Helsinki/ London

To emphasize the important role of the Lighting Designer in Architectural Design, the year 2015 was proclaimed to get recognition of the lighting design profession.

More info also on the website of Philips Lighting: