Fluxo by Luke Roberts – World’s Smartest Lamp

Fluxo – Omnidirectional Light Movement tailored to any situation with Mobile App and Intiutive Control

Fluxo, a creature of the Vienna based designer duo Luke Roberts, is an designful award winning pendant lamp that allows its users to tailor the light distribution of the stylish pendant fixture in any direction. Simply by using easy finger painted gestures on your mobile device.

Light Tailored to any Situation

Instead of dimming the light in your room, you are able to adjust the distribution curve of the light fixture and direct it to any exact place where it is needed. This allows to create any light setting with just one single pendant light fixture mounted at a central place in the room.

Fluxo - Tailor the light to any situation

Fluxo – Tailor the light to any situation.

Indirect Lighting: Create the perfect Mood

Directed light can sometimes be overwhelming and unpleasant. It might be too bright or provide an unpleasant glare. Indirect lighting via the ceiling on the contrary, can create a very pleasant light ambience. The current available solutions however, are mostly quite expensive and hard to install. Fluxo is the very first lamp ever where you can easily upgrade any room and get indirect light from just one single device. The RGB LEDs that are embedded in the stylish designed fixture enable you to choose multiple colors, and to set a perfect mood for any situation.

 Mood Lighting by Fluxo: Select a color and paint the light into the desired directio

Mood Lighting by Fluxo: Select a color and paint the light into the desired direction.

Colorful Ambiance: Painting with Light

The adjustment of the fixture is very easy with the ‘companion app’ (freeware). Just select a color and paint the light into the desired direction. The more you paint, the brighter it gets, while the other parts of your room will stay dark or (selectively) dimmed. The lamp will light-up immediately while you paint and provide realtime feedback. Fluxo uses the so-called “light scenes” to store the users’ favorite light settings. They can store any setting as a light scene and return to it anytime with just one swipe. The mobile app allows to control several connected Fluxo lamps and switch between them easily. The fixture made us thinking of the Philips Hue concept. But its different. No bulbs, but a well-designed lamps solution.

Appealing Smart Lighting and Quality Materials

Fluxo strongly believes that smart lighting products must be visually appealing and built with high quality materials. This is why they put a lot of effort into the design of the fixture itself. The heat sink on the top is made from anodized Aluminium and the high brightness LEDs are covered with an anti-glare diffuser protecting from blinding and distributing a well balanced light.

Smart, stylish and glare-friendly.

Strong Light Output and High Color Rendering Index

The fixture contains high-quality bright white LEDs that provide adjustable warm to cool light with one of the highest color-rendering indices (CRI) today available on the market. The output of the lamp reaches up to 2,800 lumen when operating at full power. In addition, the uplight on top has RGB LEDs to enable setting a full color mood light to the ceiling. The LEDs have a lifetime of up to 60,000 hours at full strength, it will easily last 10+ years.

Setting up the installation is for dummies. It comes with a specially designed ceiling mount to fit it to any kind of flat ceiling surface. It has an universal power supply, so that it can be directly connected to any outlet on the ceiling.

Fluxo assembly - component after component

Fluxo assembly – component after component

 What Makes The Lamp Unique?

Fluxo is much more than just another smart lamp. The designers have put thousands of hours of engineering into the development to make it the ultimate smart lamp. Specially designed electronics control over 300 white and colored LEDs individually and several sensors interact with the environment. The patent-pending LED optics realize the directional lighting effect without any moving parts in the lamp. The carefully crafted heat sink is integral part of the overall product design, keeping the LEDs cool and ensuring a long lifetime.

Design generation and assembly of the Fluxo

PCB Design, generation and assembly of the Fluxo

Some different Fluxo Mockups

The designers have spent the past year designing, prototyping, coding, testing and iterating to develop the lamp. With each iteration they were able to improve the design as well as the technology.

From rough design idea to smart lighting concept.

From rough design idea to smart lighting concept.

Luke Roberts – Engineering Duo with Vision

Luke Roberts was founded by Lukas Pilat and Robert Kopka back in 2014. These two engineers believe that lamps should be much smarter and versatile than they are today. The Fluxo lamp is designed and manufactured in Europe. The design already won the Silver Award at the 2015 London Design Award.