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THINKLIGHT by GILE: The Convergent Future

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2017: A Comprehensive Coverage of Production, Technology and Lighting Sectors Facilitate Industry Collaboration

The 22nd edition of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE), the most influential and comprehensive lighting and LED event in Asia, is set to take place from 9 – 12 June 2017 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, China. Thinklight, the successful show concept from last edition, will again play a dominant role in the 2017 programme.

THINKLIGHT – a Resounding Success

Based on positive feedback from the industry, the “THINKLIGHT” show concept was a resounding success and will continue to develop at the 2017 show under the theme “The convergent future”. In the LED era, lighting has capabilities that are greater than basic on/off and dimming functions. The totality of lighting has moved beyond the scope of illumination and the industry is witnessing the creation of a future that converges different sectors and elements that revolve around human wellbeing.

The Lighting Industry Shift

The shifts in the lighting industry have led to the convergence of distinct technologies, industries and devices. Born from these changes are new products, design ideas and increased connectivity. The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2017 aims to facilitate industry convergence and help businesses in lighting to discover fruitful opportunities from both within and outside of traditional industry realms. Thinklight and re-thinklight!

GILE 2017 – Trusted Platform for the Lighting Industry

As a trusted platform among industry experts worldwide, the show makes business opportunities, the latest technologies and design concepts available to the lighting community. Together with a wide-ranging concurrent event programme, the expo will address hot topics surrounding convergence in the world of lighting. Current market trends reveal that lighting is being increasingly and more intelligently integrated into people’s lives through many avenues.

Lighting and Smart Cities

Intelligent lighting networks will far exceed the cost-saving objectives of basic illumination and offer opportunities for revenue-generating services. Intelligent lighting infrastructures will contribute to various smart city applications that can improve safety, efficiency and the quality of life by establishing a platform for video surveillance, electric vehicle charging, public Wi-Fi and much more.

Lighting and Digital Art

Owing to the Information Age and rapid development of LED technologies, digital art has become mainstream and taken on many versatile forms. Media facades, for example, have transformed architectural lighting and can either serve purely artistic purposes or be used for exhibitions, buildings or indoors. Other digital lighting is even capable of transforming an entire city’s skyline.

Lighting and Smart Homes

With a shift in attention from energy efficiency to intelligent solutions, lighting controls and smart bulbs are gaining market popularity. Technological advancements in the lighting industry have transformed items such as LED lighting to smart bulbs that can connect to the Internet and offer features such as playing music.

Lighting and Furniture

There are endless possibilities for incorporating LED lighting into furnishing design. Making use of energy-saving lamps and advanced LED technologies, illuminated furniture combines light and colour to create attractive lighting options for both indoor and outdoor use. Lighting furniture dually serves as a light source and decorative, yet functional accessory.

Lighting and Wellness

Not only have technological advancements enhanced lighting functionality and efficiency, but they have also improved living comfort through the adjustment of colour and intensity of white light. Low-intensity warm white light emits a soothing effect to minimise users’ stress levels, while high-intensity cool white light has an energising effect.

Comprehensive coverage of Production, Technology and Lighting sectors to Facilitate Industry Collaboration

GILE is a distinct and integrated platform for information exchange, networking and new business development. The fair is segmented into three sections, namely production, technology and applications, to offer solutions covering the entire lighting industry spectrum from components and materials to packaging and implementation.

Lighting Production sector

The fair’s extensive exhibit profile is on track to address important aspects of lighting production. These include components, materials and manufacturing equipment.

Lighting Technology sector

Also to be spotlighted are technologies and how they relate to lighting quality, thermal management, reliability and more. Related exhibits will be comprised of chips, packaged LEDs, drivers, power supplies, modules and light engines.

Lighting Applications Sector

The fair will put into perspective how lighting and its many applications can influence people’s daily lives and boost living comfort. The showcase will be inclusive of residential lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, urban lighting and architectural lighting applications, as well as electric light sources.

20+ Years Lighting Industry Synchronization

The comprehensiveness of GILE brings together elements from every corner of the industry to facilitate collaboration across diverse market segments, while simultaneously providing participants a complete and candid view of the lighting world to better offer total sourcing solutions. Having remained synchronised with the lighting industry for over 20 years, we, the organiser, will continue to strive to bring vital new insights, breakthrough ideas and key business relationships to industry professionals to better equip them for a fast-paced and constantly evolving market. Thinklight!

The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition will run concurrently with Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology. Both are a part of Messe Frankfurt’s building and energy shows, headed by the biennial Light + Building event which will take place from 18 – 23 March 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Messe Frankfurt also offers a series of other light and building technology events worldwide, including the Shanghai International Lighting Fair, BIEL Light + Building in Argentina, Light Middle East in the United Arab Emirates, Interlight Moscow powered by Light + Building in Russia as well as Light India, the LED Expo New Delhi, the LED Expo Mumbai in India, and not to forget, the Light + Building 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany.

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